What was the problem?

High levels of graffiti on Sydney buses are not only an eye-saw also heavily disrupt transport networks. Graffiti removal and repair make up a significant cost to Downer Rail and the NSW Government with removal and repair costing anywhere between $40-55million each year. In order to curb this trend Downer Rail partnered with our team to find new ways of reducing the impacts and costs of graffiti.

How did we reframe it?

To improve Downer Rail’s management of graffiti and vandalism we followed a two-pronged approach that both builds on existing best practice in the area as well as researches into new design methods. This two part joint project looks at the past, present and future of graffiti management in both enhancing current approaches to graffiti management and developing a system for innovation to stay ahead of graffiti trends

  1. Enhance Current Approaches: This involved assessing the effectiveness of available market solutions in the cost of maintenance and reducing incidences of vandalism through observation and testing
  2. Sustainable Innovation Model: We brought together participants from Sydney Trains, Downer Rail, Queensland Rail, the Department of Atorney General and Justice, NSW Police and other industry representatives for a workshop with our team to canvass the views of the wide community of stakeholders involved in graffiti management. Drawing on the findings from the first phase of this project, participants in the workshop were able to see the strengths and weaknesses of existing responses to graffiti management and move from re-active to more pro-active design strategies to prevent opportunities of vandalism.

What was our impact?

By working closely with Downer Rail and other Stakeholders we were able to gain a more thorough understanding of the social influences around graffiti to develop a more proactive rather than responsive attitude toward graffiti management.

In partnership with Downer Rail we were able to take a holistic approach to graffiti management to develop innovative and inspired rail products that enhance operations and enable excellent public transport service delivery.