When and where vehicles collide with pedestrians or buildings

As the nature of public security continues to evolve in respect to terrorism and criminal activity, so too must our response. We investigated the challenges of safety both for people and infrastructure in heavily populated places, and particularly the ways in which vehicles could threaten public buildings and pedestrian safety. Our report outlines protective measures that can be integrated in public and private spaces to reduce the threat of vehicles being used as weapons.


Subtle measure to protect people and property from danger.

We defined a hostile vehicle as one whose driver aims to gain access to a restricted or unauthorised area to cause damage to infrastructure, disrupt business, attract publicity for a cause, or to injure/kill people. From here we provided design strategies and guidelines on how to prevent hostile traffic from injuring people and causing damage to environments. The report details options for physical barriers and traffic management to prevent vehicles from entering public spaces, as well as architectural considerations to prevent building collapse if it is breached by a hostile vehicle.

We looked at standoff, which is the distance between buildings or pedestrians and the hostile vehicle, and came up with design solutions that restrict access to buildings and heavily populated areas by the strategic placement of steps, columns and sculptures as well as seats and bollards that provide further protection against unauthorised vehicle intrusions and increase the standoff distance.


“ Early consideration


Creative thinking


   Successful integrated design solutions”


Our report reflects current concerns of public security in the design of new and innovative physical protective security measures that help to prevent and reduce the consequences of an attack. Rather than sterile and daunting measures of security are creative innovation in design paves the way for protective measures which compliment and enhance public and private spaces for both security and scenic purposes.