What was the problem?

Woolworths had experienced a loss in revenue from the theft of high cost cosmetics and looked to our team for an innovative design solution that increases both customers attraction to a display as well as surveillance. We worked closely with Woolworths to create a new design concept that both promotes products and prevents the opportunity for theft.

How did we reframe it?

During our investigation we found that the design of displays had a significant impact on the promotion of products in which the lack of vibrant price tags fail to distinguish goods or draw attention to them. We also found that the ease of access to products made these goods an easy target for “shelf-swiping”, and without lighting or colour products often fade into the background and are more easily stolen.

To combat these display flaws we integrated new design methods to promote both security and the marketing of the product in a new display concept of the Smart Retail Shelf:

  1. Flap window: limits access and creates an additional touch point
  2. Information display: creates a standoff distance to discourage “shelf-swiping”
  3. Integrated lighting: attracts attention to the display which will increase natural surveillance as well as attention to the actual product
  4. Additional Advertising: shelves have information displays to provide further advertising capacity for the products whilst maintaining visibility of the products themselves

What was our impact?

In consultation with Woolworths we were able to build a fully operational prototype for use on existing supermarket shelving which is currently being evaluated on both its impact on theft reduction and sales objectives before being installed in other stores.