The project brief was to reduce the negative effects of alcohol consumption in Kings Cross on weekends focussing specifically on the problems of loitering and antisocial behaviour such as assault and public urination.

The project aims to implement a design solution that would retain the party atmosphere of Kings Cross while minimising alcohol-related offences.

Whilst intoxicatoin is an important causal factor there are environmental factors which contribute to crime levels. Loitering results from the commercial and physical aspects of the environment.

Prolonged loitering can cause street crowding which can exacerbate acts of aggression as strangers are forced into close contact. Similarly the high incidence of public urination is aggravated by the lack of public toilet facilities.

The proposed solution is a way-finding system which combines temporary signage and street wardens to help (alcohol-affected) patrons navigate their way around and away from Kings Cross.

Large, brightly-coloured signs providing information on wayfinding, public amenities and transport could be affixed to the footpath at key points to provide clear directions for (alcohol-affected) patrons

In addition street wardens in casual yet clearly visible uniforms could be engaged on a voluntary basis to answer questions and provide information to patrons in a friendly and personable way. These measures will help guide and control the flow of people during peak times.